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Some good things to know:

•     Submitted events are held in a pending state until my team can review  and publish them. (This helps prevent spam and helps us ensure all details published on the Kids Calendar are as accurate as possible.)

•     At any point, you can preview, edit, and delete your events! Click on the orange button above to see all of your submitted events.

•     My team will review and publish pending events once a week – usually over the weekend.

•     You can submit your events whenever it is convenient for you. If you want them included in the weekly email that goes out to our subscribers on Sunday nights (8pm), please get your submissions in by Friday night.

•     Do you have a class that you’d like promote? For our purposes, a class is any event that occurs over a series of days that parents need to register their child for in advance for the whole series. (No drop-ins.) At the moment, we aren’t set up to publish classes on our calendar, but we’re adding this feature soon! In the meantime, please use the Promoted Posts option to highlight your classes.

•  Your membership comes with technical support and strategy help! Schedule a 15 minute consultation with me and we can go over your questions – here’s my schedule.


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