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PRO Member Profiles

Organization Profiles are a premium feature available to PRO members. If you have a PRO account, all of your events will feature a Mini Profile box and a link to your dedicated profile page.

Click here if your event(s) get a complimentary trial upgrade to PRO

 How to Update your Profile

1. Navigate to the Admin Panel.

2. Click on your organization’s name (in blue) in the “Organization” column.


3. Complete or update any of the fields you want displayed. Be sure to write a short description, too! (Ignore the “Globe” field – it is a system field and won’t appear on your Profile.)

Edit Organizer



View your Profile

1. From the Admin Panel, click to view one of your published events. (Published events have a check mark in the status column.)

2. Click on the button that says “View Profile” in the Mini Profile box.


Note on trial upgrades

If you received a complimentary trial upgrade to PRO, you can follow the instructions on this page to complete and view your Profile. Unlike a full PRO membership, your Mini Profile and Dedicated Profile pages will only be available on the event that has been upgraded. The upgrade will expire when your event is over.

Click here to sign up for a PRO membership and have all of your events upgraded.