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The Kids Calendar is on hiatus

The Kids Calendar has been publishing a weekly email and events calendar website since January 2014. Over the course of 2+ years, I have learned a lot about Lincoln and have always admired how vibrant this community is, especially for families.

In fact, you might know that I started the Kids Calendar in Lawrence KS and chose Lincoln as one of the first cities to expand to in the region. And this past January, I moved to Lincoln to help lead the NMotion Accelerator, in large part because I wanted to be a part of the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem here.

Unfortunately, running a startup business comes with ups and downs and many things to learn. One of the biggest things I have learned, that should have probably been obvious from the beginning, was that the Kids Calendar’s strength and success comes from the publisher’s deep engagement with the local community. That’s what made it successful in Lawrence, and is a necessary component to building the magical, remarkable version of the Kids Calendar I’ve always thought it could be.

At this time, I am not able to focus on the Lincoln Kids Calendar in the way I would need to in order to see it grow and succeed. Because of this, I am sorry to announce that as of Monday, April 18th, I am shutting down the Kids Calendar for the foreseeable future*. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a Kids Calendar subscriber.

With thanks,
Beth McKeon
Kids Calendar, Inc

* PS. I am leaving the door open to the possibility that I might meet someone in the future who would make a great publisher for the Lincoln Kids Calendar. If that happens, I would be delighted to turn the service back on! If you know of someone who is looking to own their own part-time business, please have them get in touch with me: